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WURC-FM ...Rust College Public Radio...Your Station That Cares ...Jazz ...Gospel ...Blues ...Talk ...News and Information
About WURC:
WURC-FM is a non-commercial, educational, FCC-approved public radio station owned and operated by Rust College, Inc. It is largely supported through an annual grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and Rust College. WURC is both National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI) affiliate; 3000 watts station and broadcasts 18 hours daily. Our format includes: News, Talk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Reggae, World Music, and R&B.
Mission Statement:
The mission of WURC-FM is to meet the educational and cultural needs of the Holly Springs community. WURC seeks to provide for the unserved needs and interest of the minority population in this region and to present programming services that challenge, provoke, educate and entertain.

Through its programming service, WURC-FM respects differences among people and celebrates the human experience as being infinitely varied by speaking with many voices; WURC reflects the job and satisfaction of life as well as its problems and frustrations; WURC encourages individual growth and active constructive participation in society; WURC’s programs explore, investigate, analyze and interpret issues and ideas that help listeners better understand themselves, their government, their institutions, and their natural and social environments.

As a division of Rust College, WURC has the primary purpose of enhancing the programs of the College through communications with our campus and the surrounding community. WURC also serves to develop means by which students may become professionally adept in the radio concentration.

The above mission statement was approved by the Board of Trustees of Rust College on June 12, 1988.

Contact Address:
WURC-FM, Rust College
150 Rust Avenue, Holly Springs, MS 38635
Phone: 662-252-5881
Fax: 662-252-8869

WURC Staff:
Dr. Margaret Delashmit, Chair
Division of Humanities
662-252-8000 x4560
Dr. Debayo R. Moyo, Chair
Department of Mass Communications
Gen. Manager, WURC/RC-TV2
Host: New Age Jazz
662-252-8000 x4553
Wayne Fiddis
Station Manager
Host: Mid-Day Jazz
662-252-8000 x4551
Sharron Goodman-Hill
Instructor, Mass Communications
WURC Music Director
Host: Straight Talk Live/Gospel
662-252-8000 x4552

Pat Boga
Host: Gospel
Harold Moncrief
Host: Gospel
Dennis Jeffries
Host: Saturday Blues
Sharon White
Host: Rust Report/Campus Report
Rod Mabry
Information Technology
& Computer Networking
Jerald White
Broadcast Engineer