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WURC-FM Community Advisory Board (CAB)
Mission Statement

The Rust College Public Radio (WURC-FM) Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes individuals from the Holly Springs community who had accepted the invitation from Rust College to volunteer in the committee. The composition of the CAB reflects the diverse representation of WURC listening audience.
The CAB serves only to review and evaluate the programming format and the community outreach services WURC provides to the community, and make recommendations when necessary on how to improve and enhance the mission of WURC to better serve the educational, cultural, and entertainment needs of the WURC listening audience.

The CAB is solely an advisory body; the role does not extend to control over the management, operation, and finances of WURC. The CAB will meet three times during the year and at regular set time. Each member will serve for a three-year term. When there’s vacancy to fill on the Board, the President of Rust College or whomever the president delegates the responsibility will appoint such individual(s) to CAB. The CAB will appoint its Vice-Chair and CAB Secretary from the members of the board.
The CAB meetings will be open to the public, and meeting notices announced on WURC prior to the scheduled date. CAB minutes and deliberations shall be made public and posted on WURC website for public access.

WURC CAB Members 2017 include:

- Ms. Fannie Lampley

- Mr. Tim Liddy

- Ms. Constance Mason

- Mr. Wayne Fiddis (Chair)

- Dr. Sandra Vaughn

- Mr. Charles Terry

- Dr. Debayo Moyo, ex-officio, no voting power, only to assist CAB on agenda.

- Dr. Margaret Delashmit, ex-officio, no voting power, only to assist CAB on agenda.

  2017 Advisory Board Meeting, January 27